The NDT Solution Provider

We have moved!

Dear customer,
DreNDT Industries has moved from the 15th of november.
Our new adress is:

Mon Plaisir 53

Tel. 085-0717725

Invoice adress:

We kindly request you to adjust our details in your system.

  Equipment & additional resources for Non Destructive Research (NDO) and Ultrasonic Cleaning.

    • Tear Detection
    • Corrosion detection
    • Wall Thickness Measurement
    • On- and Offline Quality Research
    • Material Condition
    • Material Sorting
    • Process Checks
    • Process Control
    • Welding Research
    • Pipe- and Conduit Inspection
  • Adhesion Control

Drendt Industries BV offers a large range of products and and services for almost every non-destructive test-application. These are being used for maintenance, production and quality checks.
Originated from the aviation industry we have an extensive experience in searching for inspection solutions with complex inspection problems.
Exclusive representation from worldwide reputable products offer the possibility for finding of an interal solution for your non-destructive test questions.
After all, we would gladly present ourselfs as your NDT Solution Provider.

You can also follow our organisation on the companypage: